set your meditation practice on fire


The knots that keep our hearts closed bind us to a life of fear and pain, anger, attachment and ignorance.  Loosening these knots leads us to a state of ultimate love, bliss and joy.  A dakini we know described it is as an experience of permeability - allowing in the pain of others and dissolving the boundaries we create.  Widening our circle of care.  We all have the potential to open our hearts and love others in the most profound way - to lose ourselves in love for every living being. This kind of love is beyond all thoughts to imagine, all words to describe.  


Join Padma (Yvonne) Jaques for five nights of meditations and reflections on the supremely loving practices of the Lo Jong.  Bok Jinpa Course 14 - Opening Our Hearts -  is designed to turbocharge your meditation practice, whether you are an adept or a beginner.  


This course ended Jan. 16. Enquire here for upcoming courses.