holding the object - guided meditation 

Reaching stillness in meditation requires that we hold the object in perfect, single-pointed focus, without wavering for even a millisecond!


It's a bit like holding a full teacup - hold it too tightly and the tea spills.  Hold it too loosely, and you drop the cup.  Relaxed but razorsharp.  Our teacher says it's like keeping the blade of your skate on the ice in perfect balanced contact. Holding the edge.


For this, we can use the breath as our object. We can use our body.  We can use an outer object - an image or a sound.  We can use a process.  It's good to experience all of these - pick what works for you and save the rest to teach to someone else for whom it's the perfect fit.


Join Padma Yvonne for this half hour guided meditation - we'll explore different themes and methods.  Almost three years in silent isolated retreat provided a great opportunity for her to practice these techniques.  It's time to pass them on!


Ongoing Monday evenings, 7:30-8pm.

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