a deep study of the hatha yoga pradipika















The 16th century yoga master Swatmarama wrote this detailed manual for doing yogic retreat.  For our course, we will be using Swami Muktibodhananda Saraswati's sublime translation and highly practical commentary for the practice aspects of this textbook of yogic science, and Geshe Michael Roach and Lama Christie McNally's poetic and divinely inspired translation and commentary for the philosophical aspects.  


Chapter One covers the lineage of this tradition; the proper place for practice; the need for goodness; the postures, or asanas and proper diet.  Chapter Two covers breathing practices, or pranayama; the six treatments - shatkarmas or kriyas; the eight capsules, or khumbaka. Chapter Three covers the ten seals, or mudra.  Chapter Four covers deep meditation, or samadhi; royal (raja) yoga; voidness; prana, the inner channels, and death; dissolution, or laya; the seal of the sky dancer, or khechari; the practice of inner sound, or nada.


The chapters reflect the natural flow of the practice: first and foremost there is always the Master—we must find an authentic Teacher, and learn from Them.  Then we must endeavour to practice all that They have taught us.  In order to do that, we must find a suitable place.  Then we must plant good karmic seeds by keeping our behavior pure, as we practice the asanas, in order for our mind to be a suitable vessel, and we must keep our body pure, by watching what we eat, in order for our body to be a suitable vessel.  The physical asana practice leads us to the deeper practice of pranayama—the science of the breath, and we are slowly drawing deeper within.  Slowly we learn to combine the physical postures with the retention of the breath, in the great art of making a seal of the body.  This sends our mind even deeper within, until we are ripe for the deepest practice: meditation.  We use everything we have learned so far to affect the inner winds in our body, so that we can reach a state of meditative stillness, and directly realize ultimate reality.


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