deepening asana 

Going deeper in asana can mean many things. Physically, it depends on how well we prime the body through preliminary practices.

Energetically, it depends on how consciously we focus on the subtle body to energetically release obstructions, and how clearly we set a motivation for deep practice.  

Psychologically and emotionally, it depends on how clearly we listen to our deepest heart - because the deepest practice could mean remaining in Savasana for the whole class!

We'll explore progression in asana as an integrated practice which includes the poses, the bandhas, the mudras and the kumbhakas. 

Padma has taught Physical and Subtle Body Anatomy and Asana Teaching Methodology in the Yoga Teacher Training Program at Langara College.  


This series will be taught as part of the Yoga of Love Retreat:

When?      Nov 8 - 11, 2019

Where?     Diamond Forest Retreat Centre

Info?          Here. 



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