circuitry of love retreat


What exactly is the alchemy that transmutes the prana of the lower chakras into the energy of love?  This online retreat explores the practices and methods to raise this energy, draw out and transmute the obstacles to raising this energy, and finally, how to circulate this energy in our bodies, in the bodies of  partners and into the world to create a perception of a kind and blissful world where all beings are operating at the highest vibrational frequency of the best thing for the most people.  No prior practice experience is required, but please apply here to join this retreat.  

When?  Enquire here for next dates.
How much?   $108 deposit, balance by donation.

Where?  EVERYWHERE by ZOOM, live participation at Diamond Forest is limited.
More info and register here.

Class Schedule:

Day 1:

6pm - 7:30pm      Opening Circle


Day 2:

6-9am                   Padmanjali sadhana class

9-10am                 Fruit and tea break

10am-12pm         Session 2

12 - 2pm               Lunch break

2 - 4pm                 Session 3

4 - 5pm                 Ecstatic Dance and breath work 


Day 3:

6-9am                  Tibetan Heart Yoga class and Session 4

10 - 12pm            Brunch break   

12 - 2pm              Session 5 

2 - 4pm                Ecstatic Dance and breath work