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contemplations from deep retreat

"come celebrate" - filmed at three jewels vancouver in march 2013, five months after we emerged from a silent yoga and meditation retreat of just under three years. 















keeping the bliss - yoga of relationships

doing a silent, isolated three year retreat with someone is like spending three years on a sailboat with them.  padma and roger offer some ideas for navigating the swells!

















one of the six shatkarma outlined in hatha yoga pradipika - designed to purify your physical body and enable you to access and use your subtle body for its intended purpose.
















1% ends our suffering

it only takes an infinitesimal shift to put a spanner in the works of samsara.
















the real goal of yoga

beyond being able to lick your toes in pashchimottanasana or double bind your pigeon pose, a dedicated yoga practice results in a different kind of being.















why do we meditate?

without a very good reason, we can't sustain our practice beyond the "honeymoon" phase!
















the importance of meditation posture

unimpeded flow of prana into sushumna happens when we get the posture right.
















a deep study of the hatha yoga pradipika

Padma and Roger Jaques presented a deep study of this 16th century yogic text in the fall of 2014 - here is Course 1, Class 1.  To access the rest of the course, please get in touch.















angels & tigers - preparing for tantra


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yoga off the mat


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inner focus:  mastering the bandhas


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2014 hatha yoga pradipika retreats with swami muktibodhanada


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