vijnana bhairava tantra retreat


Shakti asks Shiva - please, Lord, teach me.  What is really going on?  How do I practice?  How do I understand you, and myself and how do I unite with you truly and ultimately so I can be free?  Shiva gives Shakti his response in 112 exquisitely beautiful verses designed to take her to highest bliss.  And the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra is born.  Passed from Teacher to Student orally for 5000 years, this Tantra can only be understood through practicing it.  Its secrets and sweetness lie in doing, not thinking.  It opens portals through and with our bodies.

How much?   $108 deposit, balance by donation.

Where?  EVERYWHERE by ZOOM, live at Diamond Forest
More info and register here.

Class Schedule:

Day 1:

6-9am                   Padmanjali sadhana class

9-10am                 Yoga Sutra teachings

10am-1pm           Lunch  and karma yoga break

1 - 3:30pm           Session 1

3:30 - 5pm           Ecstatic Dance and breath work 

5 - 7pm                 Dinner

7-8:30pm             Kirtan


Day 2:

6-8:30am             Tibetan Heart Yoga class

8:30 - 9:30am      Fruit break                 

9:30 - 11:30pm    Session 2

11:30 - 2:30pm    Lunch and karma yoga break 

2:30-4:30              Session 3

4:30 - 6:30pm      Dinner

6:30 - 8pm           Kirtan

Day 3:

6-10am                Tibetan Heart Yoga class and Session 3

10 - 12pm            Brunch    

12-2:30pm           Cleanup and closing circle