connecting to your yoga core


A strong center is essential for a healthy back and stable body. Learn the neuromuscular and physical connections that must be intact for energy in the body to flow smoothly and for pain free function. Find your center in movement. 

Experience what it is to connect to the core - anatomically, energetically, pranically, emotionally.  How do we keep things clear and moving in our digestive systems, our circulatory systems, our subtle bodies?  Learn more with Padma Jaques  who currently serves as Gross and Subtle Body Anatomy Instructor on the faculty of Langara College Yoga Teacher Training Program in Vancouver, BC.  Padma teaches motor control re-education and functional movement including Diane Lee's ("The Pelvic Girdle") and Linda-Joy Lee's Connecting to Your Core and Postpartum Health for Moms courses.

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i lose my balance in standing poses, and can never seem to get off the ground in hand balance!

transversus abdominis, multifidus, pelvic floor, deep neck flexors, serratus anterior and posterior.

Staying connected to our core in movement means being deeply anchored to our bandhas - jalandhara bandha, mulabandha and uddiyana bandha. When we "lock" our pranic energy into the core, we have effectively harnessed and can now use a huge surge of pranic energy.

It's not just the lumbo-pulvic core we need to concern ourselves with when we talk about stabilizing our core. Cervical spine and thoracic spine stability are key as well - and all three are determined largely by how well we can release unnecessary resting tension.